To commence a diary

I recently began working in safeguarding. One of the main elements to the job is documenting the lives and histories of all those under our care; to develop a narrative describing in thorough detail the journey they undertake. I spent a great deal time reading through file after file learning about all the various ways in which society has failed vulnerable people.

Whilst reading these files I developed a love and appreciation for documentary literacy. Despite the formal format of the files I read it was fascinating to gather that sense of narrative through documentation. Entire days, months and years outlined with pinpoint precision telling stories similar to how Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ and ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ narrates a story. This inspired me to start my own photographic diary, similar to Ross Halfin’s online diary…though his insight into the day to day life of a rock’n’roll photographer may be somewhat more glamorous than my diary will be.

Please forgive me if what comes from here on is sinfully boring…

I shot these photographs in Turkey last September (2017) in Dalyan. They depict firstly the King’s Tombs laying dormant above a small house not too far from the ancient Roman ruins site of Kaunos and secondly the fields in the outskirts of Dalyan soaking in the last of the evening sun.

We recently booked to go to Dalyan again this September despite our constant promising to travel somewhere new each year. We just feel totally drawn to this place, we made friends with some of the local people and fell in love with everything this town has to offer; an ancient Roman ruin, a turtle (Caretta) sanctuary, a long stretch of beach pincered between ocean and river and the most welcoming and gracious people imaginable.

September cannot arrive soon enough.

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