Sunday 27th May 2018

I first noticed something somewhat unorthodox about the people of Ramsbottom as I entered the town on my way to visit mum. The first Nazi soldier I spotted walking down the street struck a flash of fear into my mind, ‘Jesus Christ it’s happening again!’, but of course it was merely the annual 1940s weekend celebrations.

Despite my total opposition to war, especially its celebration, I appreciated the display the town had provided. The local train station had been transformed into a 1940s platform of remembrance, education was available to those who wished to learn about WW2 vehicles and arms and wartime music was beautifully performed using authentic equipment. It was a generous £1 to step back into a shard of wartime Britain, this was not a boast of past British military might but rather a celebration of British resilience and solitude during times of gross evil - A reminder of the colossal and unwavering British spirit.

My personal favourite moment from the weekend was finding a number of WW2 soldiers and Nazis buying their ‘two for a fiver’ crates of Carling in Tesco. Beautiful.

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