Saturday 26th May 2018

I hadn’t seen my mother or my younger brother since Christmas. Seeing them again this weekend was a great way to have a little break away, he has grown so much in the last 6 months. Rosa was supposed to be in work over the weekend, little brother was so happy to learn that she was coming to see him after all.

We spent the day at Chirk Castle on the Welsh/English border watching ‘S’ pretend to slay every Legend of Zelda villain imaginable with his new shining ‘Kokiri Sword’. It’s beautiful to see how this National Trust location can feed both my curiosity and his imagination - my grand oak tree was his ‘Deku Tree’, my claymore was his ‘Master Sword’, my medieval armoury was his Boss lair. This castle offered everything two different minds would want.

Mum was recently diagnosed with both Aspergers and Fibromyalgia, the same two conditions that Rosa lives with. I’m glad she has a clearer view of who she is now and to be surrounded by family who have incredible minds…just as it is with my little brother and Rosa, Aspergers is part of what makes my mother such an incredible human being.

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