The Ancient city of Kaunos, Dalyan - Turkey

History dates these ancient ruins back to the 10th century BC. 

A city of ancient Caria, Antolia just outside of what is now Dalyan, Turkey. High up in the hills, this city overlooks the Dalyan river (Known at the time as the Calbys River) which acted as a natural border between Caria and Lycia which led through to Iztuzu and then into the sea.

It was a gruelling trek to the top of the hill above the amphitheatre ruins but the reward was a most staggering view of the town below…and a baby tortoise along the way made the journey easier.

A beautiful place to see…

Iztuzu Beach, Ortaca - Turkey

Iztuzu Beach, home of Caretta (Turtle) in Ortaca district of Mugla province, southwestern Turkey.

A beautifully vibrant stretch of beach and sea protected from tourist construction to support the wild caretta population. The Caretta, lay their eggs on this protected beach. The eggs hatch and thousands of baby turtles make their march to the sea…many  are killed in their efforts by seagulls and crabs. The turtles that make the safety of the sea spend years travelling and growing until one day they return to the same beach in which they born to lay their own eggs in the sand.

Unfortunately, many turtles are injured or killed by local motorboats used within the tourism industry. Injured turtles saved by locals are cared for by a team of volunteers at a small rehabilitation centre on the beach. Cracked shells are clever repaired using fibreglass but the recovery process is long and painful.

Such beautiful animals from a beautiful part of the world.

‘Proxima parada Barcelona Sants’

A beautiful city with so much to see, taste and hear. The streets within and around the main attractions were inviting in their own right. Alongside photographing the Sagrada and Gaudi’s park, I enjoyed documenting some of the side streets and alleys.

Manchester, England.

Had a couple of days in Manchester central last week, just wandering around taking snapshots with a new camera. 

A strangely diverse city which basically acts as the capital of the north…you don’t have to walk very far for your surroundings to change dramatically in Manchester, the various elements of modern society clash so visibly with ghosts from the industrial revolution.

There were a lot of Pokemon trainers present…I may have caught a few myself…

Peel Monument, Bury - England.

Built in 1852 high above Ramsbottom, Bury. The tower was created in memory to Sir Robert Peel, the man who created the concept of the modern police service.

I met a random bohemian type on the way back down. He was quite happy to walk across the fields naked should it rain according to him. He was a very pleasant man.

Emirates Airline uniform

My Cousin Demi. She finished working for Emirates, before handing in her uniform she wanted photographs as memorabilia. 

I see Emirates stewardesses frequently at airports, marching in perfectly synchronised groups like a legion of scarlet tipped troops.

Tarragona, Spain.

A truly beautiful place to be, filled with history and culture. The roots of this great coastal town bury themselves back to Ancient Roman times, many Roman ruins are still present … as are several medieval structures.

The Spanish food and hospitality is second to none here and how can a photographer not love those winding narrow streets dripping with vibrance and light?

Truly beautiful…

Falconry at a wedding

A beautiful owl and falconry display at our most recent wedding. The European Sea Eagle was a stunning beast to behold with a 7 foot wingspan.

A beautiful white Barn Owl delivered the rings.

A wonderful addition to a wedding…

A feral and her son

Bella, a feral who lived in our garden, we adopted her and she showed her gratitude by giving us a kitten. We named him Reginald. There is something truly special about having a pet from the day they were born … a different form of bond to any other.

The cathedral across the water

One of the first architectural marvels I visited when I first stepped foot in London, I always admired St.Paul’s ability to quite literally shine from within an ocean of the modern … my interpretation of Millennium Bridge is that modern architecture can only ever be used to frame the beauty of historical buildings, the lines and lights of the bridge lead you directly towards it …

Ben Leese: Camden Outfit

Also from my university studio …

He came down to visit in London, I took him to Camden Market to get some new clothes. We wound up in one particular shop where we were basically help captive until one of us bought something so Ben bought a whole outfit. The next day I took him to the studio to create some quick images with his new clothes …

George Gottlieb: Fender Stratocaster

An old shoot I just found whilst rooting through hard-drives …

This guitar gets around … I’ve photographed it so many times with so many different people, it’s just too beautiful.

I asked George to jump in the studio whilst I was at University just to create some images with the Strat, he was always up for a shoot … and he let me live on his boat for a while …

Ben Leese: Vintage Fender

Every time I either buy or acquire access to a beautiful guitar I persuade this man to jam in front of my lens with it…he’s my go to prop guitarist guy.

I bought this old Fender Strat, 1960’s Japanese copy (But a very good copy), from Denmark Street in London when I first moved down there. Being a giant Stevie Ray Vaughan fan I couldn’t resist the sheer character screaming from the body of it…at the same time he bought a Gibson double neck copy, it had the Gibson logo tip-exed onto the head…I think I made the better choice on that day…

Edmund Svikutis: Blacksmith

A very interesting man, of Polish descent, who allowed me to document him at this home, I mostly wanted to capture images demonstrating his skilful craft.

One of the last traditional blacksmiths in the country…

Bethan Grace Taylor

A childhood friend of mine, she had a beautiful new tattoo on her back and bravely allowed me to take some photographs. 

It’s very difficult for anybody who isn’t a professional model to pose semi-nude for a photographer, especially one they know…she’s an amazing lady.

Tyrone Logue - Taylor Shoot

A good looking lad with a kind heart. I borrowed a very beautiful Taylor acoustic from a friend of mine and asked Ty to model with it for me. We shot these in an old Victorian house in Brixton I used to live in, a simple one light set-up. I wanted Ty and the Taylor to do most of the talking in frame…

Inside the Houses of Parliament

Specifically Speaker’s House. John Bercow kindly allowed the Albert Kennedy LGBT charity to use the space for an event, security was understandably tight getting in. He was a very pleasant man, passionate towards the cause. 

The view of the London Eye from within Parliament is an experience to remember…

All photographs had to be assessed by Parliament officials before being released, I wasn’t allowed to photograph any of the paintings…

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