Sunday 10th March 2019

We came back from a rural retreat in France this week, already Rosa is counting down the days until we return to Turkey. I find architecture from different countries fascinating, how various cultures across the ages can produce such a dynamic range of structural creations.

The ancient ruins spread across Turkey are always beautiful, both grand and hidden alike speak volumes of those who paved the way for civilisation.

The ancient Lycian ruins of Tlos outside of Fethiye was particularly special for Rosa, she visited them as a young girl. An artisan sold her a slate owl with her name etched into the base. The same man was there years later still crafting slate ornaments. We both walked away with customised necklaces for remembering him and his family.

A lovely family living across from an ancient city…

Saturday 2nd February 2019

Burslem Town hosted a festival of light this past week, a celebration and exploration of The Potteries and illuminance for the people of Stoke-on-Trent to enjoy. Fire, projection and electricity providing a menagerie of visual stimulus surrounding a multitude of subjects both historical and conceptual.

Not everyday a giant man of light twerks and flosses to a samba beat…

Friday 1st February 2019

The snow continued to fall over the past week creating beautiful scenery across the midlands. Bit of a problem regarding travel but being stranded in snow has silver linings.

Perhaps that is the conclusion of the white coat of 2019, it never stays for long here but the visit, no matter how fleeting, is always enchanting.

Sunday 27th January 2019

I haven’t published anything here for a while, getting married and buying a house tends to take up some time.

The snowfall at The Roaches comes down fast, it’s very much another world up there…the roads down below remain clear but a wall of fog in Upper Hulme welcome you into a sharp veil of white.

Despite the raised probability of swerving to a likely maiming, you just can’t complain about that view…

Sunday 3rd June 2018

Such a beautiful day outside but I’m sat indoors trying not to cough up a lung, I’d like to think some sun would make me feel somewhat better but I just start burning up like a furnace. Sitting around resting was boring me to insanity so I’m editing through some old shots from Turkey.

  • (Top: Kaunos Amphitheatre 2017, Bottom: Brick Wall leading to Kaunos 2017)

Updated the firmware for my gear ready for upcoming weddings I’m shooting, weird how much you can get done when you’re sure you’re going to die in a pool of infected mucous.

Sunday 27th May 2018

I first noticed something somewhat unorthodox about the people of Ramsbottom as I entered the town on my way to visit mum. The first Nazi soldier I spotted walking down the street struck a flash of fear into my mind, ‘Jesus Christ it’s happening again!’, but of course it was merely the annual 1940s weekend celebrations.

Despite my total opposition to war, especially its celebration, I appreciated the display the town had provided. The local train station had been transformed into a 1940s platform of remembrance, education was available to those who wished to learn about WW2 vehicles and arms and wartime music was beautifully performed using authentic equipment. It was a generous £1 to step back into a shard of wartime Britain, this was not a boast of past British military might but rather a celebration of British resilience and solitude during times of gross evil - A reminder of the colossal and unwavering British spirit.

My personal favourite moment from the weekend was finding a number of WW2 soldiers and Nazis buying their ‘two for a fiver’ crates of Carling in Tesco. Beautiful.

Saturday 26th May 2018

I hadn’t seen my mother or my younger brother since Christmas. Seeing them again this weekend was a great way to have a little break away, he has grown so much in the last 6 months. Rosa was supposed to be in work over the weekend, little brother was so happy to learn that she was coming to see him after all.

We spent the day at Chirk Castle on the Welsh/English border watching ‘S’ pretend to slay every Legend of Zelda villain imaginable with his new shining ‘Kokiri Sword’. It’s beautiful to see how this National Trust location can feed both my curiosity and his imagination - my grand oak tree was his ‘Deku Tree’, my claymore was his ‘Master Sword’, my medieval armoury was his Boss lair. This castle offered everything two different minds would want.

Mum was recently diagnosed with both Aspergers and Fibromyalgia, the same two conditions that Rosa lives with. I’m glad she has a clearer view of who she is now and to be surrounded by family who have incredible minds…just as it is with my little brother and Rosa, Aspergers is part of what makes my mother such an incredible human being.

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

We had a drive out in the sun whilst we had the time. She thought it would be fun to pull over and run into this beautiful ocean of yellow, she was right. I don’t know what else to say, the only thing that mattered was that we lost ourselves for a little while…it’s important to do that every now and again, remember to take a breath and enjoy what’s around you. We left, got back into the car and smiled. It cost nothing and lasted a few minutes. Amazing how much good the smallest things can do.

To commence a diary

I recently began working in safeguarding. One of the main elements to the job is documenting the lives and histories of all those under our care; to develop a narrative describing in thorough detail the journey they undertake. I spent a great deal time reading through file after file learning about all the various ways in which society has failed vulnerable people.

Whilst reading these files I developed a love and appreciation for documentary literacy. Despite the formal format of the files I read it was fascinating to gather that sense of narrative through documentation. Entire days, months and years outlined with pinpoint precision telling stories similar to how Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ and ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ narrates a story. This inspired me to start my own photographic diary, similar to Ross Halfin’s online diary…though his insight into the day to day life of a rock’n’roll photographer may be somewhat more glamorous than my diary will be.

Please forgive me if what comes from here on is sinfully boring…

I shot these photographs in Turkey last September (2017) in Dalyan. They depict firstly the King’s Tombs laying dormant above a small house not too far from the ancient Roman ruins site of Kaunos and secondly the fields in the outskirts of Dalyan soaking in the last of the evening sun.

We recently booked to go to Dalyan again this September despite our constant promising to travel somewhere new each year. We just feel totally drawn to this place, we made friends with some of the local people and fell in love with everything this town has to offer; an ancient Roman ruin, a turtle (Caretta) sanctuary, a long stretch of beach pincered between ocean and river and the most welcoming and gracious people imaginable.

September cannot arrive soon enough.

Abandoned House in Dalyan

Whilst walking around the Turkish town of Dalyan last September I found this derelict home towards the outskirts of the holiday town. What I found so interesting was how nature had consumed the house and the grounds surrounding it isolating it from the outside community. However the homes either side were perfectly well cared for…like a shard of dereliction splintering through the street. The crib found in the back room tells a story though a vague one…are the family who once called this place their home ok? Do they have another home? Is the child still an infant or have they grown? If so what kind of life have they led so far? Sometimes the most beautiful element to a visually descriptive image is the stories they can’t tell.

I hope whoever lived here is happy…

Archives: The Boneyard

I shot the photographs last august for my brother’s partner. She was running workshops surrounding the improvised word with various performers around London. The idea was to explore how the improvised word can be used to influence the development of a narrative through various exercises.

The two days I spent with the group documenting the process was an incredible experience. Each performer had their own approach to physical performance; musicians, dancers, actors, directors…the harmony of performance styles was beautiful to watch. Each session began with a warm up exercise designed to breakdown boundaries and barriers to unlock a kind of raw performance uncontrolled by inhibition. Ironically it requires a great deal of control to become theatrically feral.

Ben Steele

‘Found these old shots of this man in London…he’s a phenomenal guitarist.

Forgot I had these…it’s always a fruitful adventure when you dive into old hard drives…

Ashbourne College - High Street Kensington

I spent a few days this week taking portraits of some students at Ashbourne College, High Street Kensington, London.

As a man from northern countryside, I find the concept of studying A-Levels (Or any level of key stage education) in the heart of affluent London to be strange…we were fortunate to have an accessible Poundland kettle at school let alone a Starbucks outside the front door.

A pair of sisters and aunties

I’ve known Bethan and Rhian since I was four. It’s strange to see the girl I once went to nursery school with now prepare for motherhood.

I didn’t want to shoot anything complicated for this one, just a simple set of portraits…Bethan is due today.

Two beautiful souls. Congratulations and good luck to them both…

Dalyan, Turkey.

One of the most beautiful towns in the world, brimming with the kindest and most generous people one could possibly wish for…they just can’t do enough for you. 

Located on a beautiful river that leads to the local beach (Iztuzu).

My little heaven…

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